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SHOP AND DELIVER - Available Monday  to Saturday


This option gives you the freedom to place an order at any store.

Our drivers will purchase your item(s) and deliver them to you. 


Because this service is not integrated into the program you will need to provide the following information:


1) Name of product(s) and the total price including tax.  All information must be specific as to size, amount, brand, etc.

 2)  The pickup location name and address.

 3)  Delivery address.

 4)  We will contact you with a price quote (total price will include goods, delivery, mileages, and fees).


Once approved by you, you will receive an invoice.


From there you can simply log in to the App  to track your delivery on “my deliveries.” 


All drivers on our platform are required to pass a background check prior to being hired. Facial recognition software ensures your security.


We are fast, secure, and efficient!!!!

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Only Las Vegas Area

We don't deliver People, pets, furniture, cannabis, or any illegal drugs