Frequent Ask Questions

Q: How much do I get paid?

A.  Paid $5.00/task, plus $.40/mile from pick up to drop off, plus 100% of the tip. 

 Q: How and when do I get paid?

A:  Paid by direct deposit.  The workweek is Sunday to Sunday.  Paid the following Friday.

 Q: Can I see details of delivery before I accept it? 

A: Yes.

 Q:  Can I get paid instantly? 

A: No, only direct deposit.


 Q:  What if I don't know the city?

A:  Google maps are integrated on the APP.

 Q: If I have a question can, I contact the client?

A: Yes, via chat and phone. (masked numbers)

 Q:  Can I accept multiple orders going in the same direction? 

A:  Yes, and you can choose which one to deliver first. 

 Q:  How do I contact the office?

A: By email:  info@totallydelivery.com or by phone at 702-881-3404

 Q: Can I see a breakdown for the pay per order?

A: Yes, after the delivery is complete you can look in your dashboard for the breakdown.

 Q: Can I see my total earnings before I accept an order?

A: Yes. 

 Q: Can I accept or reject any order?

A: Yes, you are a contractor and can choose which order to take or reject

 Q: What does it cost to apply?

A:  There is no charge for your application.